Do you think Sean Avery deserves his suspension?

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December 4, 2008 6:57pm CST
As many of you know, Sean Avery has been suspended in the NHL for saying some rude comments he made about Dion Phanueuf, who is another hockey player, who he was playing against that day. The story is that Avery was dating model Rachael Hunter and actress Elisha Cuthbert. Now, Phanueuf is dating Avery's ex, Elisha Cuthbert. He talked about how it has become common for guys to fall in love with his (ex-girfriends). He used a worser word that you can look up online. The question is, do you think he deserved the suspension? I think he should of been warned. It is not like he hurt anyone or cheapshoted someone in the face. And he did offer a public apology the next day. Plus, this was big exposure for the NHL and people are talking about it again.
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9 Dec 08
I had to re read the remarks to see why everyone was so upset. Judging that it was Avery that said it, I don't understand why it was such a news story.Everyone connected to the NHL Knows that Avery is an obnoxious, a$$hole unless he plays on your team then he is Your obnoxious a$$hole.Now even non hockey people know it too. I think the League made a big mistake by suspending him,they should have let The Stars do it. It may not have gotten the national coverage. Now some non hockey may think that all hockey players are as stupid as Avery.But it isn't true.