A young millionaire was born.

United States
December 4, 2008 10:15pm CST
Have you ever heard the name Shawn Fanning I am sure some of you have. For those who haven't let me just say this is the name of a internet music legend. What if I said Napster? Well that's right Shawn Fanning was the original creator of Napster. So how did he come up with it, and how did he do it? Well Shawn was a college kid like allot of online millionaires. His friends would get frustrated with searching and downloading mp3 files to listen to. So the light bulb flashed and soon Shawn was doing what he was born to do. Shawn decided to build a program that made downloading mp3 files easier. Soon this program was built into the website Napster. The internet world was right then changed forever. Then a big break happened and Shawn was placed on the cover of Wired Magazine. This is when the word spread and the traffic boomed. Now Shawn wasn't born with money and in fact he was born into a poor family. He wasn't a hard working motivated teen. He was a lazy video game kid says his uncle John Fanning. Yet when the time was right and the idea hit he took the chance. Shawn's idea was to make a program that would allow other users to link to each others computers through a server and download mp3 files. Well one day the dream was a reality when he finished his program. Today we have millions of users copy cat his idea and yes some of them do make money. Yet Shawn was the original creator and this is how a millionaire was born.
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@pinoydeal (202)
• Philippines
5 Dec 08
this is an inspiring story and now i know the story of napster. good to know information. i hope i will have a million dollar idea as well or might as well copy and modify some other idea and hopefully be a millionaire too online.