OMG! what a hospital bill....

December 4, 2008 10:41pm CST
hey guys,, i have a friend, she was suffering in fever, cough, and asthma 9 days before we brought her to the hospital... without a knowledge on admiting a patient there, the nurse ask me if i had a P200 box to pay the thermometer and the injection that only cost about more of less 30-50 box at the pharmacy.. the at the night that i was on her, the nurses gave me the medicines that i should buy and suggested me to buy it on the pharmacy outside the hospital and then, without questioning the nurse if the medicines should be bought immediately, becuase i don't have enough money to buy all the medicines that she wanted me to buy.. then, i go on the pharmacy which she had prefered me to buy those things and as i asked the pharmacist, i am shocked on the prices that my money is only box.. . and it cost a total of more or less 1,600 pesos... i was shocked when i heared it... then i planned not to buy all those things but only the things that my money can afford to buy it and i planned to charged it to the bill at the hospital... then, not only the medicines, but also her stay in the hospital cost of 400 a day, i dont know what should i do, then i texted her mother that also don't have suffecient money on their daily living, and also i saked a help in our school becuase we can't afford to pay her bills in the hospital and also we are just a working students in the school that's why we don't have enough money to pay her bill.. thanks to God that he don't left us and touches the heart of the persons that helped my friend.. luckily, maybe this afternoon, she can get out in the hospital and take a rest in their home.. friends, did you also enountered a problem like this that can cause your mind to shockness when you know that the things that would helped a patient is to buy those things that can saved her life but had a cost of big amount of money that you can't afford to buy?
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