One suicide, one accident… both the same in my view.

December 5, 2008 2:42am CST
In my local newspaper, just two pages apart there are two articles about two men who have died. The first is an ex RAF captain who was 71 and doing clinical drug trials, that jumped in front of a train after subfreezing two months of depression. For obvious reasons, this mans death has been recorded as suicide, with this in mind, any life insurances this man had will be null and void. The second is a 47 year old man who after spending time at a wake (funeral after do) and drinking around 5 or 6 pints of larger, then going on to a pub to drink 3 to 4 pints of Guinness, got into his car and proceeded to get into his car, then crashed into a tree and died. This mans death was considered an accident by the district coroner, so any life insurances this man had will pay out. But in my view, the second man was no better than the first, he got into his car knowing full well he was drunk and not able to drive properly, so why isn’t his verdict the same as the first mans? Why isn’t he classed as a suicide case? What are your views on this?
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5 Dec 08
i definitely agree with you. they're one in the same. although the second man didnt actually kill himself on purpose, it still was a stupid mistake and i dont think either of their insurance policies should have been paid. drinking and driving is not okay. :(
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