December 5, 2008 4:03am CST
Look deep in to your heart, in fact you need to feel deep in to your heart, you need to feel your weakness and your strengthness. You need to recognise your goodnes and you will get some clues about yourself, why you are here, why you are here on this earth, why you are in this city and why not in other, why your father is Mr. ABC , why not XYZ. So you will get these answers very clearly from your own self when you will dedicate and meditate to knwo your self. When you start meditations some times you see dark, soem time bright, some times different colours. Some mointaion, rivers, people, animals, jungles and many more unexpected things, places and many more objects which are not taking any role in your life so why it is happeni9ng with you. Then you need to search these answers to know the hidden reality which is really meant to you so try to knwo your self, your duties, your responsibilties and your targets, your aims and your ambitions will be motivated to get your desired things.
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@thanujad (405)
• Sri Lanka
25 Dec 08
We have all begun a journey. A journey into our minds. A journey of discovery and exploration of who and what we are. Taking the first step is difficult, and in the first days of practice there is often restlessness, or sleepiness, some boredom, laziness, doubts, and perhaps regret about getting involved at all. It's not an easy thing that we have set about to do, this training and purification of mind. There's no one else who can do it for us. We each have to do it for ourselves. Be aware, moment to moment, paying attention to what's happening in a total way. There is nothing mystical about it, it's so simple, direct and straight forward, but it takes doing. That's what meditation is all about.
@samson1967 (7422)
• India
5 Dec 08
When I meditate i see or hear nothing except the universal sound.