How does someone become wise?

@annierose (18186)
December 5, 2008 6:58pm CST
How will you determine if certain person is wise? How can we acquire the traits of being wise? Certainly it isn't brought nor it is inherits. A wise person builds his life on rock, rather on sand. When trouble comes along, and undoubtedly, we will face trials in our lives, one house stand still. It is built on the foundation of faith and relationship with God. As we grow in wisdom, we make the right choices. And that choices is because of wisdom that produces long life result. A person does not have to be old and wise. Being older does not necessarily mean that one is wise. But for me, a young person is wise if he or she always ask for the advice of older people who have more experience.Wisdom doesn't just knowing something with our minds, but understanding something with our hearts also.We have our brain at the top so we will know certain things. However, we are also provided by a heart to understand what the mind cannot conceive.Our mind and heart should always go together.
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