Anybody have any interesting ghost experiences?

United States
December 5, 2008 11:54pm CST
I have always been a believer in the paranormal. Since I was little I remember being able to see and talk to people who were not there and who had been dead for many years. I have had many interesting and weird encounters. I have worked at an old railway depot that used to be a funeral home and I have seen the ghost of the undertaker. My friend also witnessed it. There have always been strange things that happen around me. My boyfriend is now experiencing these things too. I think I am like a conductor or something. A medium I guess. I wanna know if anyone else has had experiences. And I want to know as much detail as you can give me. I love this type of thing and am trying to catch some actual footage of some of the things that happen to me. I'll update with a link if I can catch anything. Thank you all.
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