What would you wish for, as a birthday present?

United Arab Emirates
December 6, 2008 2:40am CST
If you could get anything for your birthday, what would it be. Remember, when I say anything, I mean anything. Anything that would be impossible for someone like you to get. Anything that would cost millions of dollars. ANYTHING! Just follow your heart, and write what you would wish for, and remember it. You might look back on your life later on and see that this wish came true. You just might! I HOPE YOUR WISH COMES TRUE!
3 responses
• Canada
7 Dec 08
I want my family to buy me a Ferrari, My own cottage, and give me $10 Million dollars. Even though I know this is not going to happen I still dream of being super rich!!
• Indonesia
6 Dec 08
in my birthday, i just want a multimedia player.. with a sport car suround it... ^^
@rayesht (36)
• Indonesia
6 Dec 08
Well my birthday is 12th December and I maybe want to have one wish that think too impossible to happen, but in here who cares. I actually never really have any close feeling of love, and sometimes i feel like running all the time. so on my birthday i want to have that feeling even for only once, to feel love from someone that i love. easy but yet too impossible.