Ever said YES when you want to say NO!

@srganesh (6348)
December 6, 2008 4:57am CST
Have you ever said yes when you actually wanted to say no.How did you handled that situation?We often act as we dont want to,because the request came from our superiors or our parents or our wife or our children or our friends.Anywhere it comes from,why do we accept-beause we dont want to hurt them?After that we have to suffer fulfilling the task.Why the hell we dont have the guts to turn them back?
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@adoremay (2069)
• Philippines
6 Dec 08
I just find it hard to say no, I just really have this tendency to say yes all the time, always considering others rather than myself. I just can't help it. Although, I need to control it, I hope i can.
@adoremay (2069)
• Philippines
17 Dec 08
I just can't say but yes, for giving the best response to me. I appreciate it.
@zhangw (145)
• China
18 Dec 08
yes, a lot of times we habe to say yes becacuse we love them. If you really don't want to accept, say no bravely! I think if they love me they won't make me aggrieved.
@grace24 (1050)
• Philippines
6 Dec 08
ive did that many times...sometimes i regret that i made that decision and sometimes i accept that because i think it is just okay for me..depending on what will the consenquences that i will face...if it is in favor of me then good, if it is not then ill just accept it, it happened and i say yes..and i cant change it anymore..
@sarawaken (360)
• Malaysia
6 Dec 08
It's just based on human instinct. All humans don't want to be isolated, that's why blogs exist, telephones exist even this site. It's an ancient instinct as our ancestors always hunt in groups. Since we don't hunt down animals as a daily activity, these instincts have to find some way out.
@idkidc (94)
• United States
6 Dec 08
Yes. many times, because i didn't think before acting.