What will happen if there's a SuperNova?

December 6, 2008 5:41am CST
If the sun will explode, what will humans do? Make a spaceship and find another earth like planet like that in Noah's Ark and save humankind? Or will God save us and transfer us into another dimension or planet? If the sun explodes, the solar system will be wiped out. How will humans survive? And what is the origin of humankind? Created by God or they transfer from one solar system to the other? The bible says, God created man from His image and likeness. Darwinism says that all life was from a single cell. All lifeforms evolved from a single cell. I don't know but I am more comfortable having my faith to a God and His angels. Thinking about this has no answers to me or have you got one?
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• Kochi, India
27 Apr 13
Luckily the sun will not explode.It requires a great mass'ed star to form a supernova. May your angel come and rescue you if such a thing happen,but I doubt if they will ever come to our rescue.
@rayesht (36)
• Indonesia
6 Dec 08
Oh don't worry there will be a SUPERNOVA, not soon enough, but it will come, when in times GOD feel bored about us human, GOD can just easily wipes us out and play another version of life. We're just GOD toys, when time comes GOD may want to create another more attractive toys and play with it and ignored us human or simply just destroying us put us in GOD waste basket. as easy as that.
@kerriannc (4280)
• Jamaica
6 Dec 08
Well if you read and understand your bible you will see that God was grieve when he look at the earth after the flood. He made a promise to Noah. God is a merciful and loving God and what you are suggesting will not happen. Read your bible my dear because it is the source of comfort and knowledge.