friend or lover

@randiss (149)
December 6, 2008 10:17am CST
i know it's a cliche. you see it in movies, how a friend falls in love with another friend. this happens in real life too. so, i was wondering...if you're in a situation when you're falling for your friend, would you let the other know about it and pursue a new kind of relationship with each other?
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1 Jan 09
Would I fall in love with a friend? hmmm... if she's really nice, I know I would... but let me think again... I know that I have often given advise to troubled friends that their soured relationships with their once loved ones could have had better chances of succeeding had they been friends when they started. So, should I not practice now what I was preaching then? Kidding aside, courtship always forces a person to put his best foot forward, so much so that the fear of rejection may sometimes make some people to lose their footing on solid ground and thereby make them invent a persona of themselves that they imagine would be the sure-fire acceptable image that their loved ones would eventually cherish. We often hear of long-term courtships of several years suddenly going pfft in jiffy, where one party is suddenly inaccessible while the agrieved party asks, "What happened? Where did we go wrong?" For all she knows, the missing person may be having the grandest ball of his life !!! Any and all of her questions would have been quenched with only one answer, but unfortunately, he would rather not be around to declare that he finally realized that he deserves a better girlfriend, not this unacceptable, even despicable, loathsome person that he should not have fallen for in the first place. So, if two people were only friends initially, they would have gotten the opportunity to see each other up close, and more specially, watched the other person without theis various masks on. In my training on counselling, we were even taught to suggest that friends or lovers must get into a business that would allow them to see each other on how they handle various problems that mirror life, specially on how they cope with financial matters that the business would always bring. Under pressure, their natural traits, good or bad, would surely emerge. All that now brings us to reckon with the present. Who knows, if I get to befriend a cute girl with a very nice smile like yours, would it not be possible for me to eventually fall for you? hmmm.... That would be very interesting. LOL...
@randiss (149)
15 Jan 09
haha...props to your business suggestion! presently, we're both business students who are soon to graduate. we've been through cases together, started a small business together as a final project for our course...we've done a lot that got us to breathe down each other's neck and stuff that just got us smiling and laughing with each other...and because of this, i can say that we do know each other without the masks, and that we are good friends.
@pmspratik (202)
• Nepal
6 Dec 08
Like in movies just friendship somehow turns into love but well i don't really know what i will do in that situation but i will have strong feelings for my crush. Its just the way of bonding I guess. Well if that ever happened i guess i would wait for the girl to make their first move because i am not a kind of guy who claims to love others, cause well i am just too shy.
@randiss (149)
15 Jan 09
aw. you have to overcome that.