something to share bout blessings...

life - tree
December 6, 2008 10:31am CST
i resigned from work two months ago to look for a job in singapore but then i haven't found one. but then is still that God has a purpose for me. and that He has planned and preparing something better for me. what i need is to continue praying, not to loose hope and to keep waiting for that one that He has to give me. anyway, just a while ago, i was chatting with my former boss thru YM. she told me that she felt so lonely because her husband went out to an office christmas party. she also complained that she's so exhausted at work that she felt like resigning. i told her, "how would you feel if you were in my shoes, i'm right here in singapore while my husband is in the philippines, we haven't seen each other for months now. i came here to look for a job but still have found none."then she replied, "now i don't feel lonely nor i don't want to resign. I am blessed that my husband is just in a party and later he'll come home and also, i still have a job." just want to share this to you. we mignht need to count our blessings first before we complain. anyway, I pray that our gracious God continue to pour His blessings in each of every one of us.:-)
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