my cousin's ordeal...

@despompa (472)
December 6, 2008 11:34am CST
this is related to the one i posted recently. despite the fact that he is jobless, and claims that he doesn't have any money at all to support his food, which is why i decided to let him stay in our house. i mean, i couldn't and wouldn't help him financially. because i am thinking that he will spend every single money that he will have to this boyfriend of his. yesterday, after he went out i think he pawned his digicam because he had lots of money after he came back. since then, he is almost invisible at my house. i think he is busy spending quality time with his so called friends, partying like an animal. what irritates me is that, he should've save the money for a better purpose. not spend it to unworthy things and people. he seems to be head over heels inlo9ve with that guy, that he is ruining his life. i've made a move so he can reach out to her sister but both doesn't care to initiate a move. i gave up. why would i worry after all? their old enough to face this problem. as long as he wouldn't do something that will put me and my family in shame, i wouldn't care!!! what i worry about is the talks that people around us are capable of doing. we live in the military community and anything that will be said against us will reflect on my husband.
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@dio123 (1790)
• India
27 Dec 08
you did whatever possible to help him, now leave it upto him to decide and take his life the way he prefers
• United States
7 Dec 08
I think it's time for some tough love. You cannot give out cash for any reason. He's taking advantage. This change will probably lead to a crisis and he'll head elsewhere. But during the fight that will probably encounter makes sure you let him know it's not about his being gay but but because he's living without goals other then meeting men and partying. We all need a guiding hand now and then. Some of us need it more then others. Some kind of positive involvement such as work or volunteer activities or creative endeavors is part of a balanced life in my view. Good luck and as I like to seay gentle yet firm is best in matters of discipline.
• United States
7 Dec 08
is it a dude or a chick.