Cancer Sucks

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December 6, 2008 12:47pm CST
My big brother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in Sept of this year and has been undergoing Chemo and Radiation. He was struggling with Rhumatoid Arthritis and Reynoids, which is a circulatory condition that restricts blood flow to the extremities, prior to being diagnosed with Cancer. I have begun laying the groundwork for a Foundation that will assist families with the day to day needs. As of yet I have not found any organization that takes care of rent, utilities, phone, food.... There are plenty of welfare cases, however my brother doesn't qualify. His ex-wife, the mother of his children who lost custody for abusive behavior, is ordered to pay only $175 a month for both children. She doesn't pay it nor does support enforcement pursue her to get it. My brother is unable to work because of these conditions and we are all struggling to help him and maintain our own obligations. The Cancer Sucks Family Foundation is in the works and will soon be a 501c3 corp. Question at hand. Are there any organizations that focus on the day to day needs? Would you be willing to support and organization of this type?
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6 Dec 08
I"m sorry for your family and your brother's lo's. Life certainly isn't fair is it? We have medical insurance to hopefully pay for what ail's us. But other than Aflack I don't know of anything else that will pay your bills if you are unable to work other than a disability insurance of sorts either thru a job or thru Social Security. Even then bill collectors don't care that a person is ill & is fighting for their life rather when they can collect or shut off services & sue you. It seems when you become an adult and on your own & start your own family one learns how cruel the world really is. I'd support an organization provided I have the funds to support my own family as that's heard everywhere nowdays here in the states.