How come Woman can cry so easily while Guys like myself just cant....

United States
December 6, 2008 2:40pm CST
Its like,woman can get it out of they're sysyem so easily.It just flies right out while a typical Man like myself,basically just cant,even though it often feels like it'd do me good to let out sorrowfullness and other negativity. I think its biology.It would be generally an inconvenience and a burden on society for men to cry as easily as woman.Men were simply created and programmed to emotionally react in alternatives ways other than simply and bluntly ballin away. I know that when i was a teen,i could cry rather easily.Especially in my earlier teens.To a certain lesser extent in my later teens but still rather easily prone to ballin away over certain things. Gradually,it has come to the point where no matter how much i feel like i could use a good cry,i just simply cant.Nothing comes out.Its like my teer tank ran empty a long ways back. The last time i truly cried was back when i was 29.But i have teerd up a good many times since then.Probably the last time being back a couple years ago when i watched something on tv that touched my heart a certain way.Thats about it though as far as teering up.Only if its something that i witness or watch on tv that is touching,as in,touching my heart and soul.Has to be about something that genuinely moves me and my inner emotions and perceptions of what is heartwarming and emotionally moving to the inner spirit within. Like,if i'm at work though and i'm being given a hard time or something to that effect,my initial and progressive emotions are never consisting of crying or teering up but alot of woman react like this and i've heard that its part of the reason they live longer than men.I as a man can honestly say that i'd have no shame in letting it out,its just that i dont have that type of inner reaction to things that would make a typical woman or child cry. I really have to emphasize though once again that its not at all about being too embarrassed or pridefull.I'd be more than glad to cry if the situation is fitting for it.Such as being treated unfairly at work.I'd have no shame or embarrassment.Its just that it simply doesnt come out.As a child and as a teen,it did.Even in my 20's,it could come out relatively easy,but now,a bit later in life,its like a part of me has become callousized or something.What do you think is up with all of that...?
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