What happen if we can reach 500 posting in mylot..?

December 6, 2008 11:05pm CST
My posting still under 500 posting and maybe still need more time to get 500 posting. So, what will be happen if we can reach more than 500 posting in mylot..? We can copy paste..well , copy paste from where ??..in discussion, the best is, just write yourself opinion, not copy paste..do I right? so..the point is..Can we get more than $ 0.01 for every our posting or respond discussion if we have reach 500 posting...? That's what I want..any one can help me to explain me more detail about " 500 posting issue "...
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@maean_19 (4662)
• Philippines
7 Dec 08
Well, an advantage when you reach 500 posts, which is indicated on the right side of your mylot name, is truly you can "copy and paste" just to any other sites you wish to copy and paste it as your discussion. That keeps your time a bit faster in posting. Let us say, you have a discussion or article on your files and you want to add it in mylot, you can just copy it and paste to new discussion. Same is through when you want to quote something on other websites, you may copy and just paste it. That is how fast and effortless, right? An advantage really. Of course, earnings will go higher too. It is logic. When you post more discussions with sens, you'll earn more than $0.1/post. Oh anyway, when you copy some contents on other sites, do not forget to acknowledge the authors of said content. Because you might be caught plagiarizing.
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• Indonesia
7 Dec 08
You mean , earn more $0.1/post or earn more $0.01/post, mistake typist..my friend,...well, if it is right, do you have get payment like this..more than $0.01 /post when you have reached 500 post..?
@sarawaken (360)
• Malaysia
7 Dec 08
don't try copy paste because i did it 2 years ago, and my earning became $0.00 the next day i log in my account. Just post and response ,express your opinion and start whatever discussion your create yourself, wee...you will earn something SAFE
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@minfas (878)
• Sri Lanka
7 Dec 08
Well, do you need to make 500 posts to copy and paste in replies and discussions. I have under 150 posts but when i copy and paste url links it works. How is that?