Are you using a VISTAMIZER?

@n30wing (4771)
December 7, 2008 3:13am CST
I am using a windows XP as my operating system but I install Vistamizer to look my desktop like Vista. You you using vistamizer too or not? Why?
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@inder86 (566)
• Gibraltar
8 Dec 08
right now i am on but when i was on x.p i just had the black vista theme . it gives the rough look of vista and even didn't use much ram . i tried this software but it slow downed my computer.
• India
7 Dec 08
not really i mean if u are usign XP then why not make it look like XP? ppl want to make it look like vista but NOT USE it n say tht htey dont like it cuz its not stable i use vista and xp n i keep them in teh original settings tht rox not meanin anyting to u personally btw happy lotting and have a nice day!
@amitavroy (4824)
• India
7 Dec 08
Actually I always liked the look and feel of the new operating system developed by Microsoft. Definitely it is one of the best visual treat developed so far. But when I install it the problem is that I can feel that it is eating up my resources. Although I have quite a good Confederation to my computer but still I want all of my resources to be utilised when I in using heavy applications like Maya and other animation software is. And at that time its greatest problem for me. Few days back I downloaded a transformation pack. Although I don't remember the name but it had few problems and that is why I reformatted my computer and decided against it. That may try out the soul and then maybe I can tell you what I feel about this transformation pack. In the meantime if you buy any chance want an apple Macintosh look and feel to your computer then you can always download klyakite osx.