Are you ready to retire?

December 7, 2008 3:52pm CST
All of us will come to retirement age. That is if we will not die young. lol But my concern here is, are we ready? Not only financially but in all aspects. I am in my early thirty's but already starting to prepare myself. For I wanted to grow old gracefully and with contributions in this world.
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@trexhero (103)
7 Dec 08
Its a question that people have to be ready to answer at a younger and younger age. I mean no I am not ready to retire I am barely beginning my career (a few weeks of a potential career worthy job) but I am already having to consider what I am going to do in terms of saving money, buying a house, providing for my girlfriend who will hopefully one day be my wife and even my children (and about a million cats if the girl gets her way). So in answer to your question no I am not ready to retire, and I dont think many people are even when they should be.
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21 Jan 09
That is a good decision. Preparing for your retirement.