Unlucky bullfighter saved by stray dog

@jerzgirl (8013)
Gloucester City, New Jersey
December 7, 2008 6:38pm CST
I don't know where this takes place - I'm assuming somewhere in Latin America only because this is a street fight, not an arena fight. If anyone knows, please let us know. I'm not going to say one way or another my opinion on bullfighting, but in most countries where it is popular, the matador (literally, killer) is revered by the people as someone who is brave and fearless. I can only wonder where this guy stands now (of course, he's lucky he CAN stand after this.) I do disagree with the comment embedded within the video about pit bulls. Pits are powerful animals who do tend to be unwilling to release once they have taken hold of something, but they can be loving pets if they are raised that way. As with anything in this world, misuse and abuse has turned people against the weapon of choice of some. And, I'm a cat person who is defending them. Anyway, here's the video. Commentary is in Spanish, but you'll get the gist from watching the events. http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/13465/ Do you agree with me that the dog is that man's savior? I hope that the dog was lavished with lots of bones and treats after that!! He certainly deserves it! What do you think? Wasn't this something else?
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• United States
8 Dec 08
WOW! What a brave dog indeed; I wonder if the dog was his or not? Hope he wasn't harmed any by the bull , that was a really big bull too; I will never understand or "like" what these bullfighter's do you know? but what a brave dog!
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@vanities (11385)
• Davao, Philippines
8 Dec 08
i guess the fighter must reward the dog with lots of bones and everything..actually im not in favor of this kind of sport that is if we can call it one..but i believe that other countries do consider this one as one of their favorite sport...