Any Horror Anime fans out there?

@YamiKiba (938)
United States
December 7, 2008 8:10pm CST
Beside me? My faovite horror anime of all time is Jigoku Shoujo (all seasons). I have also watched the first episode Higurashi no Koro ni and find it interesting. I haven't finished it yet though, but I'm planning to later. How many of you like anime of this genre and what is your favorite?
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@kuchiyose (163)
• Singapore
11 Dec 08
I did watch before a few episodes of Jigoku Shoujo.. if I remember, each episode is one standalone story right? Wasn't terribly interesting to me since there's no connection between each episode hence no motivation to continue watching.
@YamiKiba (938)
• United States
16 Dec 08
Well it starts off like that yes, but if you had actually watched more, there are a couple of characters that appear almost constantly after episode 20 or so. They become somewhat connected at that point since this little girl can communicate with Jigoku Shoujo, as she is the daughter of the man who is descended from Enma Ai's cousin. It gets really good and even more emotional towards the end because it shows how Enma Ai became the Hell Girl, and personally I liked watching the stand alone episodes, which is why I continued watching it.
@duskiss (98)
• China
9 Apr 09
My favorite anime... AIR, KANON, ACLANNAD, Moon Phase and so on. Higurashi no koro? Is it about a sad story happened repeatedly during a summer? Jigoku Shoujo, I like her seiyu Noto Mamiko, soft voice.
@allynar (70)
• Romania
12 Mar 09
I like horror anime too,especially the ones with vampires,they're my favorite.The anime that I like the best from this genre is Blood+,there is a lot of blood and freaky monsters but is cool!
• United States
3 Mar 09
well I haven't really been able to find any horror anime. But I really want to. I love horror movies and I love anime. What could be a better combination? I will go and look up the ones you posted. I would like to see if I would like them. I'm not worried at all though, because I have a love for most anime :-)
• Peru
21 Dec 08
Higurashi no naku koro ni was a good one, i loved the little crazy girls =P. Elfen lied was one of the best terror / psicological animes i have seen. 2 animes ive been recommended are Boogiepop Phantom and Pet Shop of Horrors.
@dearlot (175)
• Brunei Darussalam
9 Dec 08
yes i do , ayakashi was not bad, haha