United States
December 7, 2008 11:02pm CST
What is your goal in life..Everyone wants to achive something...from impacting society to inventing a time machine..what do you want to accomplish..What is your goal in your life...
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@Porcospino (18767)
• Denmark
18 Dec 08
I have some goals about my art and my writing. It is a goal for me to keep on writing and to find someone who will publish my books. It is goal for me to continue painting,to develop new technics and to sell some more paintings. I would also like to have my own gallery and that is another goal. I also have some goals about travelling. I want to travel as much as possible and visit as many countries as possible. I am especially interesting in travelling around in Asia.
@eynjel05 (444)
• Philippines
8 Dec 08
Hello. Well all of us has our own goals in life. This goals that we have in mind are the one that motivates us to give our best in everything that we are doing in life whether in studying or at work. We are always willing to do everything just to reach that goal.I believe that we don't just have one goal in life, we have more that one goal. By reaching that goal, we don't need to do such at the same time, it should be done step by step. But asking me if what is my goal in life? Four years ago, when I started studying in college, my goal is to study hard and to finish my degree,pass the board exmination to have my licensehave a good work and help my family.Then after four years, it all happened I managed to finished my college education this year and I managed to passed the board examination too. I am so blessed that God let me accomplished my first and second goal. Right no I am just waiting to have my job next year so that I can help my parents. Well that was just a simple goal but I really promise to do my very best to fulfill that goals.happy posting.
• United States
8 Dec 08
My goal is to become filthy rich so I never have to worry about money again, So I can help out all my family and friends and prove to everyone that doubted me or laughted when I said I'll find a way to get rich online.