December 8, 2008 12:02am CST
It seems people choose to divorce easily now than in the past when the couple get in some trouble.Most think people nowadays have so much temptation to fall into.Does it count?Of course the relationship gets different after 2 or 3 years of being married.What do you think about divorce?
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@meticulo (1286)
• United States
8 Dec 08
I think you're right! Divorce now is more rampant than in the past. I guess it's because people now has a lot of choices to make with their lives. That in the event of mistaken understanding as very critical they immediately resort to having separate lives right away. In fairness to all people who filed divorce, I guess they have done their part to really try the relationship to work out. Unless, the reason is because there's a third party. If it will be the case,in my own opinion, it's better to just live on separate ways. Because if you have fallen out of love already it's useless to remain in a relationship which has no future. But on contrary, I don't agree that after 2 to 3 years of being married the relationship will be different. But I can say these years are the most difficult times since this is the adjustment stage. Whether you have been together as boyfriends-girlfriends for how many years. It's really different if you are living together in the same roof. And if siblings still have a hard time to adjust with each other then how much more for two people who just known each other few years before marriage. So that it's really difficult that others will not survive this stage and eventually file divorce.
• China
8 Dec 08
Yeah,you are right.It's actually a hard time for a couple in the 2 or 3 years of living together in the same proof.Hope couples to be more tolerant in the stage.
@veejay19 (3592)
• India
8 Dec 08
In a couple`s married life when things start going wrong and reach a stage that they cannot even stand the sight of each other then the only option left is to seperate and finally get divorced.Marriages are successful when there is love, complete trust,faith , understanding,spirit of sacrifice and an attitude of give and take between the couple.Even the loss of even one of these can start the process of derailment of the marriage leading to divorce. In the days of old couples used to abide by the sacred wows taken during the wedding faithfully and thats why marriages used to last. If there were any differences they would be sorted out in privacy and not in front of their children and others.The couple would compromise on whatever trouble that came in between them because divorce was absolutely abhorred by them. Nowadays due to globalisation and hundreds of distractions and the intolerant attitudes of married couples the rate of failed marriages resulting in divorces has risen alarmingly.People divorce on the flimsiest and sometimes ridiculous grounds. Even after years of married life couples seperate.This shows how intolerant people have become.This disease of divorce is rampant in Western countries and has now caught up with even Asian countries.Nowadays it does not matter whether the country is developed or developing divorce has unfortunately become the easy option to quit a marriage.