I got mine, did you get yours?

December 8, 2008 12:40am CST
I have just got my flu shot last week. Have you got yours yet? If you aren't planning on getitng one how come? I have a very weak amune system so I figure it's best for me to get one. I usually don't feel sick after I get one like some people say they do. I always feel fine and have never gotten a bad flu yet.
3 responses
• India
8 Dec 08
What is a flu shot???????????
• China
11 Dec 08
The meaning of "flu shot" is "flu bacterin" which can prevent flu.
@sunny0806 (248)
• China
11 Dec 08
Flu can be caused by lots of pathogen and they are often mutate. One kind of flu shot only can prevent one kind flu. So I do not believe in flu shot and do not select a flu shot. Of course I have a stronger body. HAHA. Do more exercise is helpful to you.
@Jody20 (887)
• Netherlands
10 Dec 08
I had my flu shot 3 weeks ago. I have a very weak amune system too.