what's the best work for me without leaving my daughter?

@chevill (316)
December 8, 2008 1:56am CST
I really need to work, i'm earning in internet but it's not enough, how can i go work if i cant leave my daughter, even if I'm at the powder room she alwyas want to go inside just to be with me, sometimes i want to put up a business just to work and be with my daughter at the same time. is it really the best to put upa business of mine to spend ime wth my daugter too?
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@bing28 (3798)
• Philippines
10 Jan 09
The best work for you is to be part time in sales. You'll have your own time, looking for clients, talking with them can be by phone or thru emails. You can close sales by tripping to the sites at your both agreed schedule. Since your daughter will be turning three yr old, she can be with you from time to time. Now should you decide to become full time, you can have a yaya to attend to her needs.
@modstar (9610)
• Philippines
9 Jan 09
Here's what you can do. I'm no expert ok? but this might help. If you got lots of stuffs at home which you don't need, then maybe you can come up with a garage sale. This way you only need to stay at home with your daughter at the same time earn at least while supply lasts. With the way things are going with you, there's no other way but put up a business. Work right now are so demanding of one's time so it'll be hard for you to be with your daughter all the time.
@inder86 (566)
• Gibraltar
8 Dec 08
its very hard to tell as i am still looking for a nice job on net or either at home. either you can keep a nanny or try some handy craft work at home like making teddy bears like something. some ladies are running this business near by my home . they made those things at home and then supply them to nearby retailers.
@aseretdd (13736)
• Philippines
8 Dec 08
Well, you can do some mystery shopping work... you can bring your daughter when you go out to eat in stores... i always do that... and my daughter enjoys it as well... if you are interested... just give me a friend invite... and i will send you the link... or the email address of the person you need to contact... Aside for that... you can also set up a loading business... smart eload or globe autoload... no need for you to leave the house... just put a sign outside and i am sure people will go to you buying loads...