save the world from globel warming

December 8, 2008 4:13am CST
dear freind do you know the globel warming is going to kill ower world in coming years what are you doing to save the world are u supporting to grow it if not tell how and if yes then beware its our world save it by using recykle items do not make e waste
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@brew2x (3096)
• Philippines
10 Dec 08
There are several simple ways that we can do to help our environment. Please always recycle, reuse your shopping bags, defrost freezers regularly specially if they are old models and much better replace it with refrigerators that have automatic defrost cycles if possible, disconnect appliances from wall outlet and avoid leaving them in standby mode because they will still consume energy, cover your pots when you are cooking, do not waste fuel when you are driving, try to use clothesline instead of using a dryer if you could, and of course plant a tree. Small acts but will definitely be a big help.
@laglen (19782)
• United States
8 Dec 08
Global warming, global cooling. These are theories not facts. The world takes care of itself. What about the ice age? Were the dinosaurs driving too much and using aerosol cans? Mother Nature is far bigger than us and will take care of herself. As to recycling and such, I do it because I don't want to make the world dirtier than I found it. Kind of like a campers rule, you always leave it better than you found it.