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@BYOLA2871 (4373)
South Africa
December 8, 2008 9:23am CST
I came across this joke and couldn’t help but laugh so I decide to share a moment of laughter with you my friends on mylot. On walking into the factory, the managing director notices a young man leaning against a wall doing nothing. He approaches the young man and calmly says to him “how much do you earn per month?” the young man was amazed he’s been asked such a personal question but replies nonetheless “I earn $1000 a month sir, why? Without answering ,the director takes out his wallet ,removes $3000 cash and gives it to the young man, saying “Around here I pay people to work not to stand around looking pretty, now that is 3 months pay, get out and don’t come back. The young man quickly leaves .Noting a few onlookers, the upset managing director says “and that applies to everybody in this company he approaches one of the onlookers and asks him “who’s that young man I just fired? To which he receives the amazing reply ‘he was the pizza delivery man sir” wouldn’t it be nice to get paid for just standing around?
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@bellebads (741)
• Philippines
9 Dec 08
this joke is really funny.
@BYOLA2871 (4373)
• South Africa
12 Dec 08
i wish i was the guy who got the free mobney in this joke it was happy holidayus for him before xmas