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United States
December 8, 2008 9:42am CST
I had this dream yesterday that was weird. I was with my boyfriend in my house and there was nothing in the house. Everything that I owned was gone. Then all of the sudden my boyfriend dissappeared and there was this little boy ghost that was pushing me and not letting me leave the house. This dream left a big impression on me and I have been curious what others here at mylot think about it. I love talking about dreams so if that is something you like than add me as a friend. Thanks :)
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@silverjam (969)
• United States
8 Dec 08
Am not really fond of talking about dreams because honestly I rarely remember any dream I had a night before. I almost always have dreams every night but they are all forgotten in the morning once am waking up. But allow me to share one of my dreams here by now. I may go broader as this was a detailed one, hope you'll bear w/ me. Recently, just about a week ago I had such an unforgetable dream I considered a very significant one. I can say so because it was so clear and vivid I remember every detail when I woke up. I was dreaming I had w/ me a friend and my late mom and we were inside a haunted house; we went down into the basement and there lies a vampire. It was a witch woman and she was chasing us and finally she got me. She started harming me (biting my neck) when she got hold of me. W/ all my might I was trying to concentrate on prayers and started preaching to her about the Lord; that she can still have the chance to be saved despite her wickedness and that she can still live in the light and get out from the darkness. Slowly she stopped harming me and began to listened to my words......as I continued talking I noticed that my neighbors were also trying to listen and soon there was a small crowd. Later the once a vampire became a normal human being but there was another strange thing happened. I saw in my dreams that one of my fingernails broke as that w/ dried blood (bluish) and were starting to came out.....and a new one was coming in. The woman seemed to mocked me for having that broken/dried nail and tried touching it and I was trying to ward off her hand. I immediately told my husband while we were still in bed that time and I was quite convienced of his interpretations. Actually i was awakened by him.....hence the dream was still fresh when I related it.
@tutul0045 (2630)
• India
8 Dec 08
Hi there, Well i have werid dreams too and the worst part is i dont remember it when i wake up. But only remember that i had a bad dream. I think u ate chinease last night and thats y yr stomach was full of rubbish, lol. When u r unsettled physically or mentally then u r get such dreams. Cheers, Tutul