Fear - How can we overcome fear and what are the advantage and disadvantage to it.
December 8, 2008 2:56pm CST
Alot of mytime we fear, what we need not to fear,at furst what is fear? and how does it affect us physical,mental and spiritually and what are the advantage and the disadvantage to fear, and how can one overcome or control it? Also remember that what u fear, fear's you.
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@kerriannc (4282)
• Jamaica
8 Dec 08
God does not give us the Spirit of fear but there are times when this sensation come over you. What I have learn to do is when this come is to pray and use the word of God against it.
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@toxicMDR (153)
• Romania
8 Dec 08
i don`t fear anything, except some small unimportant things, anyway fear can be beaten
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@skysuccess (8882)
• Singapore
10 Dec 08
evangsegun, Fear is simply: F - False E - Expectations A - Appearing R - Real I do not think we should go about letting our "fears" run our lives to the effect that we literally incapacitate ourselves from doing what we need and should do. And loosing the chance to ever decide to succeed on our own. There are many aspects as to how one's fear might have originated, and hence there are simply just too many ways to resolve the issue. However, it would be important to begin with a right frame of mind, positiveness, optimism and lots of self encouragement on our part. There is just no success if there is simply no failure in the first place. So, take heart and take care.