a friend who's thinking of suicide bcus shes stressed, need advice/help!

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December 8, 2008 3:13pm CST
i have a friend whos a girl n shes stressed out cuz of her family, skool, life, cramps/periods, headaches. n she has cut herself multiple times, i have talked 2 her n spent alot of time wit her n tlked bout it wit her n like she sayz its da only way she can deal wit stress n i said well there has 2 b another way n hurtin urself is definitley not the solution. idk how she can bcome stress free i jus dnt kno like i try making her happy, like she sayz shes happy n stuff but stressed out alot. n i jus need sum help or advice 2 kno how she can relax herself or like make her feel better. thanx.
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@Sheepie (3118)
• United States
8 Dec 08
There are only a few things you or I can do. Someone has to want help to take it. It is probably best for you to call somebody who specializes in this kind of thing, even take her to a hospital. You want to act fast before it's too late. One day she will understand that people have bigger problems and that hurt and pain are just a part of life. She truly can be happy if she changes her life willingly and is more open to possibilities of change. She really just can't live this way!
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9 Dec 08
thanx i appreciate your help guyz.