What is your favourite film from your own country?

@Porcospino (19596)
December 8, 2008 4:36pm CST
Right now my fiance is watching a Danish film called "The Olsen Gang", the film is one out of 14, and they have all become very popular. I have seen them all, but I still like them a lot. The films are about 3 people ("the gang") who want to become rich. The leader of the gang has lots of brilliant ideas, but things don't usually go the way he planned... What is your favourite film from your own country?
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@hildas (3031)
8 Dec 08
My favourite film from my own country is the Commitments. I love that movie.It is about a group of young Irish kids who start up a blues band. I also have a copy of Angelas ashes that I have watched around five times. It is a true story set around the start of the 1900s about the hardship of a young boy. They are Northern Irish and Irish movies that have been quite popular over here. I really love to watch true story movies about where I come from as everyone always knows a bit about it. Those movies you are watching sound really good to me.
@Porcospino (19596)
• Denmark
10 Dec 08
Thanks for responding. I have read about the Commitments, but I have never watched it. I have never heard about Angelas ashes, but it sounds interesting :-)
@hildas (3031)
4 Jan 09