It's easy for you?

@result7 (136)
December 8, 2008 11:29pm CST
Some people said, it is easy use windows xp either windows vista. Its too complecated and most of the software not compatible with the device. Today i'm using vista, i want to know if anyone can share with me the experiance using Vista.
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@kaka135 (14130)
• Malaysia
9 Dec 08
I haven't really experience Windows Vista before, I'm still using Windows XP. Perhaps it's still very new in the market, so most of the softwares haven't upgraded to support Windows Vista yet. I've heard from my friend, Vista has become more stable and faster now. Hopefully it'll be better when I get my new laptop, installed with Vista. ^_^ Enjoy exploring the new Windows Operating System! ^_^
@yinmm007 (605)
• China
11 Apr 09
My os is vita now.And i love this os as it is beautiful and intelligent.In my opinion, you don't have to master lots knowledge.I use a soft called vista master to optimize the visa os every once in a while.Vista's compatibility is worse than xp indeed.But now lots software vendor have updated their product so the compatible problem will be solved soon.
• United States
28 Dec 08
Well when i used vista the first two weeks were good, but after that all i experienced was the loading circle and many incompatibilities. Unless you have 3 or 4 gigs of ram i think xp is for you
• Singapore
11 Dec 08
im using both vista and xp in diff laptop. vista looks nice but not user frendly at all. It will always hang up ur system with no reason. even now i hav upgraded my RAM to 2GB it still cant work fine for me. For me, xp is so far the most stable operating system for me. and it compatible most of the software! window 7 beta is lauching now, is there anyone using it? how is it? hopefully it is better than vista :-p
@AmbiePam (50449)
• United States
10 Dec 08
I just recently have Windows Vista on the computer I am using, and it is taking some time. However, I don't find it as bad an some people think it is. I always hear people say so and so told them it was a mess. But I always hear that from people who are not using it. They just say they know someone using it who hates it. And I'm sure there are many who do.
@savypat (20246)
• United States
9 Dec 08
I have never used Vista, I only use XP and am not that good at using it. Hope you enjoy your experieence with Vista.
@chenaiyh (228)
• China
9 Dec 08
well,i think vista is fine-more beautifu,and more function,perhaps,more security.but it need higher configuration,like dual-core,2GB memory and so on.if you not have this,it's maybe a problem,cause vista need more resource,if can not meet this,you will find the system is so slowly and unsteadily. compatibility is a problem,but i think it will be better and better. and the complicated,more function may make you feel confused,on the other way,it's useful. any way,for me,i like use XP,i think it's enough,and i used to it,i'm a fogy,ha :P but for you,i hope you can enjoy it.
@jbreyes (139)
• Philippines
9 Dec 08
Vista is one Operating System that really gives its user a fresh new impression on how you use your computer. But first to really enjoy the performance of Vista. you must first Install the Vista Service Pack 1. what is does is it actually addresses all the issues like the overall performance response of the operating system. the best part of Vista that i really like is it actually you don't have to look at your drive just to look for files and program. all it takes is just the filename of the files or program and it automatically search it for you. Also you can benefit if your in editing photos for built-in snap shot of anything you see in your screen to where you want it to copy. There are lots of useful feature Vista Ultimate can offer its user. in terms of performance and stability. the key point is always Update your Operating System. Also by the help of AntiVirus for added protection and security. I forgot to Mention Vista also has a built-in Windows Defender to add security side by side of your anti virus. After you try Vista for a couple of times the great feature you'll never experience in XP is the Search feature. Good for those person who can't recall where to locate the files in the Hard Drive.
• China
9 Dec 08
Hi, result7. I used vista for once. That's when my former boss approve to buy a new lattop for my work , but I feel vista is too slow and too complicated. I don't like it at all. So, soon I took it to the computer agency and asked them to reinstall Window XP. I am used to XP.
@Pitgull (1523)
• United States
9 Dec 08
Vista works fine for me; although, it seems like high-tech security on my computer (I know it has to do with my options but it is also Vista). Aside from that, I do not see what the huge difference is. Wish I could discover what it is...