More makeup, more beautiful?

December 9, 2008 2:24am CST
I'm 24 years old and all my life, the only thing i wear in my face is a liquid blush on, a compressed powder and a lip gloss. It sounds like it's too "teenagey" and I guess I should be wearing a more professional look. I work as a manager in a firm and it never entered my mind that I should be wearing more colors in my face, because i feel that I'm okay with what I look and comfortable enough to look who I am. My friends even my husband told me i should fix myself more, i toldthem i don't need to, but silently, I'm just scared that when I wear more makeup, i might just look like a clown in a corporate attire. Help!!
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• China
16 Dec 08
let me tell you something funny. i always thought that ,if i wear more makeup on my face ,my boyfriend might eat it when he kiss me .
@grazcut (52)
• Malta
11 Dec 08
if your good looking you dont need to do make're face is good as it is.there are people that when they poot make up they become uglier not better.
@mods196621 (3631)
• Philippines
9 Dec 08
Light make ups make us more comfortable to wear but if you are working like where you are working now wear more make up that makes you look sophisticated and smart. Like now you are manager in one prestigious corporate you need to look smarter than before. It was depend on the color of make up you apply into your face try to match into your attire,color of the skin and occasion your going too. I know you can do make up with yourself like a professional artist.
• Philippines
9 Dec 08
it depends to u...if u r not comfortable with wearing much make up so dont do..if u r very simple girl and as long as u are pesentable to others it ok...but still u need to wear make make u more glamorous and beautiful...but the most important is ur inside reflects in your face...
• Philippines
9 Dec 08
I don't think so. But I do believe wearing makeup can enhance the beauty in you because it defines your face better. It might be applied light or heavier as long as your comfortable wearing it's all that matters.