How to manage time at HOME and Writing for the internet?

@yoj118 (329)
December 9, 2008 5:23am CST
I have just started writing online. I like what I'm doing, writing articles, making reviews, sharing my own ideas and opinions to discussions in MyLot aside from posting for my own blog. I managed to make this a part of my daily life not only that I'm enjoying it but also it sorts of provides an extra income too.. However, I find it difficult to make myself available in creating and preparing articles because I have a lot of things in my mind that needs to be attended to such as preparing foods (breakfast til dinner), cleaning up the clutter in the house, preparing my eldest as she goes to school in the morning, help her in her school works afterward, preparing my hubby's needs when he wakes up in the evening before he goes to work, prepare the kids to bed, then after all these were done, I'm already exhausted and just want to lay on my bed and rest. That's why I can only take a few hours or so to check my blogs and do some online work. I'm now trying to find some ways to manage to insert my online work within the household stuffs that I normally do. Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.
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@paid2write (5202)
9 Dec 08
I find it difficult to write when I feel tired, so I think it's important to ensure you get enough sleep. Try to think of a time in the day when your mind is most active, and use that time every day for your internet wok. It could be early morning, mid morning, after lunch, or whenever you feel is the best time for writing and posting online. Mundane tasks can be done when your mind is too tired to be creative. The only other suggestion I can make is to carry paper and pen with you at all times. When you are stuck in traffic or waiting for anything, use that time to think about your writing and blogging. You can make notes and put down some ideas, so when you sit at your computer you already have something to work on.
@yoj118 (329)
• Philippines
9 Dec 08
I think it's really important too that one have enough rest to be productive. About the paper and pen,I'll try to adopt it, it's a good idea as I can easily jot down any ideas that popped out from my head. Thanks for the help.
@wanris (141)
• Indonesia
10 Dec 08
Just write for the internet at your leisure time. Prioritize first for finishing your home job.
• India
9 Dec 08
what man..... y r u asking such funny questions , the time management will depend on ur individual , so u have 2 plan properly by planning a proper schedule.......