How about your feelings after losing a friend?

December 9, 2008 6:49am CST
Sometimes we have to, though we do not want, lose some friends of ourselves. There various of reasons why we lost them, for instance, we got moved sometimes or they, we got new friends and ignored the old ones, we had a qurral with they and then we became strangers, ect. That maybe a sad thing, but I got to say that it's also common, anyway, we got to do so. That's life, as someone has said. Then, you guys, what's your feeling about this and what will you do the next time you lose a friend? Will you be unhappy or just feel commmon? Let me know and I will appreciate it.
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• India
9 Dec 08
i never let people come close to me easily.. and once they are in, i never let them go... yes we fight but there is a solution to every problem.. i had a frnd when i was a kid.. and then i had to shift to a distant place.. v had also lost touch.. but she contacted me after 8 years and my eyes were filled with tears at that time.. now i will never let her go... tc