I feel sleepy at noon,how about you?

@impexp (246)
December 9, 2008 9:46am CST
I always feel sleepy at noon after lunch,and would sleep a little while.It's nothing about my food or I eat too much,but the need inside of my body,I think.So nice to have a rest and I would be more energetic the whole afternoon.lol!
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• China
27 Apr 10
me too. possibilities are, by compairing to the region where I do not sleepy at noon, different environment include humidity, temperature, readioactive activity (such as ultraviolet level), flowers pollen, fungi spores, oxygen level (reduced by high population, altitude), viral infection (such as flu can make people really tired and cold because of fever and cellular infection), lack of sleep during last night, eat too much lunch (more blood flow to you gastrointestinal area than brain), rising to comfortable temperature at noon make people want to sleep etc. By the way, are u in asia?