December 9, 2008 11:50am CST
Have you ever been to Indonesia ? Which places you have visited in indonesia ? What do you like and dislike from Indonesia ? How about the people in Indonesia ?
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• Malaysia
13 Jul 09
I've been to 2 places in indonesia. Bandung and Jakarta. Bandung: Awesome place, food and the people. Shopping is heaven in Bandung. Factory outlets merchandise can go down up to 80% from their original price. And it's true that at rural places in Bandung, they have beautiful paddy fields and tea plantation. Any of you should have a visit to this places. Jakarta: The best thing that ever happen to me in mylife while travelling is spent USD 100 for one week. Yes, that place is jakarta. Lodging, cheap. Food, cheap. Nightlife, cheap. Chix, free. Haha.. Friendly and just try to not go to the north of jakarta coz its not a place for travellers. And try to go more on the southern of jakarta. You will find life there.
@zamakh (518)
• South Korea
18 Dec 08
i am from indonesia, more specific, i was life in bandung. it was really nice, TOO MANY GOOD PLACES TO SEE !! trust me.. ask me what kind of journey you want, i can tell you which part of indonesia you should go to. most famous place without doubt is Bali, but if you want more quite place, try lombok.. similar with kuta in bali but quiter.. you want to diving? you can go to Raja Ampat in Papua, Wakatobi in Sulawesi, Bunaken or Derawan in Kalimantan, Bintan is good too. wanted to see animal most close to dinosaur? go to Komodo National Park in Komodo Island to see some komodo in action. even if you wanted to go climbing iced mountain you can go to Jayawijaya in Papua..
@maximax8 (28246)
• United Kingdom
14 Dec 08
I have been to Sumatra in Indonesia and found it an exciting place ideal for adventure. I went to a historic town, stayed by a lake, stood on the Equator and saw orangutans in the wild. I disliked the mosquitoes that came out in the evening time. I had a lot of unwanted attention from the local men. I loved the beauty of the landscape, seeing the Equator, bathing in the cool lake and viewing the orangutans. I found the ladies and the children friendly. I would love to explore more of lovely Indonesia.
• Singapore
13 Dec 08
I have visited Jakarta, Bintan, Batam, and Bali. The last 3 are islands off the main Indonesian peninsula. Frankly speaking, since I live in a city myself, I did not get to enjoy city life in Jakarta. No offense but I would like to have a break from city life, so it really is just my preference. I did enjoy the food, and if you like spicy stuffs, go and try some local Indonesian foods. I also noticed that in Jakarta, there are 2 groups of people. The ones I see inside the malls, or in the offices are really friendly, but the people outside can be rough sometime, specially if you're not caucasian Bintan, Batam, and specially Bali is really different. Since these are places catered for tourist, the locals are friendly, and you can really feel the warmth of them welcoming you to their island. It's a shame the events that happened in Bali a few years ago, really cast a dark cloud over the place. It is such a lovely place, close to being a paradise on Earth, I just hope the Indonesian government do something to clean it up.
@klaudine (3652)
• Indonesia
9 Dec 08
I am from Indonesia. I have visited lots of places of course. My hometown, my city now, and many good tourist spot in Indonesia. I think all the tourist spots would make lots of income for the country if it is supported by the facility and the good human resources. I like Indonesia because there are lots of making money and job opportunity here, but it is a shame that people just don't know how to use the resource they have. I don't like the people. Trust me I love my country but I just don't like the people because most of them are just very narrow minded, they don't appreciate their own cultures and they are just so easy to be bullied by the provocative actions which would make the civil war and internal hatred.