Desktop PC

December 9, 2008 2:10pm CST
What is your special thing from your desktop pc ? I have a desktop pc with AMD processor, 2 Gb RAM, 160 Gb HDD, 256 Mb Video card. There is no special with that specification but my desktop pc never get trouble even if it has already 3 years old. How about you mylotter ?
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@AlephWren (135)
• Argentina
17 Dec 08
Well... My Motherboard, wich was broken since the "beggining"... Snif. Now I can't use my (this one is special) ATI Radeon 1600X Pro 256 mb AGP 3d card because its broken. If you can tell me of a good and affordable motherboard wich supports a Pentium 4 Processor and the Agp one, I'll be very thankful tool. Happy mylotting!
• Philippines
12 Dec 08
i've got lots of assembled PCs. The oldest one surviving (and can still run) is Pentium 133Mhz, with 32mb RAM (EDO) and 1GB HDD. it is still running my slakware 3. I kept the keyboard and mouse for this (I don't think I can serial mouse and keyboard now adays, so I kept them for sentimental reasons) the next oldest to that is my AMD K62500, with 256mb RAM, and 4GB HDD. Still running FreeBSD. There are a couple more I assembled after that, but I thought I'd share details of these 2 really old PCs of mine. Thanks.
• India
10 Dec 08
At home my PC is PIII 733Mzh, 320 MB RAM, 8MB Video Card, built in sound card, 2 cd writers, 5 HDDs 4.3,4.3.20,20,40 GBs (two always remains detached)and is 6 years old... it gives troube sometime and i bring it back to health. However in my office i have Lenovo thinkcentre.
@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
10 Dec 08
I have a dual-core intel pc with 2GB of Ram. I would like to buy a quad-core intel boxand run Xen. Cheers!!
@deejlux (524)
• Italy
9 Dec 08
Hi technovie,i have a Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 with 2gb Ram,500gb hd by Western Digital,a 3650 Video Card by Ati,sound (realtek) is on the main board,by AsRock. I have to change the mainboard (with another asrock) and the cpu,i'll buy an E7300,with a lower power consumption i can get more speed. And of course,i'll use the integrated video card of the new main board,so no more power consuming :)