Sparks is a perfect name for him...I fall in love a little

@taface412 (3176)
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December 9, 2008 7:52pm CST
more with each book I read. I forgot how inspiring real life is. I forgot how little nothings turn into the things we value the most. I forgot what it is like to fully understand that other people are so much alike despite their differences. I have the tendency to fall in love with authors when I find a gem of a read. I did this with the innoncence of Frank McCourt's simplistic view of his complicated journey in life in the book Angela's Ashes, found a confidant in Maya Angelou as I tearfully read through the lifetime experiences of her in I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and I am finding a Spark (no pun intended) in the latest reading frenzy of mine with Nicholas Sparks novels. He has one lucky wife. The latest book I read is The Choice. It is just uncanny how he can reach your heart with simple things that happen to simple people. Usually I do not feel this intense about a fiction writer. Usually my love for authors are deep within the ones who write autobiographies, but he is almost like that. I have not read the novel yet that explains where the characters come from...I am saving that for the last read. I have learned a bit of patience over the years. But I have an uncanny feeling reading these novels will recoup my wounded heart and soul from years past. And as each book is read and each page is turned I find just a little more courage that I thought was gone. Like I said, what a lucky woman he has for a wife. And I have to say I an envious and happy to know there are people who respect the simplistic idea of true love. Do you find yourself becoming so attached to a writer? How have they helped shape your life?
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