How to make a voice louder?

@annierose (18021)
December 10, 2008 12:48am CST
While having my practice teaching in college, I realized that the most important asset of a teacher is his voice. It depends on his voice the success or failure of his teaching. It will be a success if you one has a good and modulated voice. Because having that certain quality will ensure that everybody can hear him easily. However, if the voice is so soft, it will somehow be disappointing. I have a problem with my voice. Everytime I will teach, I hear so many complain on the side of the students. I have a soft voice and I don't know how to make it louder.I want to be an effective teacher but how can I be if I have a weak voice? Can you please give me some suggestions?
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• China
10 May 10
hi, you born with the voice you have now, of course you can practice to be louder, but why not use technologies? you can use some equipments to make you voice louder, a mic and an amplifier. I know a web that sells these things, may that can help u,
@hexeduser22 (5853)
• Philippines
15 Jan 10
I still hope you can read this or I think by now you have sorted out your problem about making your voice louder. Anyway I would still give my advice, for the benefit of others who might read this... To make one's voice louder without stressing one's throat is to learn how to project your voice. It's like practicing singing with proper breathing you get to project your voice louder. Use your diaphragm as the source of air. Try the breathing exercise, Inhale and exhale because it will generally help you in making your voice louder
@rosapai (254)
• Philippines
3 Jan 10
If your voice is really soft, I suggest you get a microphone with speakers you can place on either sides of the room. The voice is really the most important asset of a teacher. And I have seen teachers trying to raise their voice while teaching, it is sad that they end up with sore throat, a harsh voice or voice they need to rest from speaking because hardly any words comes out when they speak. I have seen this in elementary levels since I work in a school as a clerk and some teachers go on leave because they need to rest their throat. The solution I seen some teachers use the use of a mic, like the one you see on broadcasters they clip on the lapels of their dress. It has a 2 speakers, that's what I saw from the teachers and you see change the volume to how loud you want it to be. I hope this becomes helpful to you.
@rick_d (213)
• United States
10 Dec 08
I'm not sure but if you're students are struggling to hear you and you have to repeat yourself then won't what you are saying sink in better.In effect you are forcing them to actually listen to