Would you go back to school at age 70 ?

@ronnyb (6119)
December 10, 2008 6:23am CST
Or should you be thinking of taking care of the grand kids,doing a bit of gardening and reading while in your rocking chair ?.Many people would say at this age you should be vacationing perhaps on a world cruise.Other may say fishing on a lake ? but what if you felt strong enough and felt this need to learnt something new. Should you be sitting down waiting for the inevitable or be doing as much as you can do? Should you be giving in to minor artrhitic pains or being as active as you can be ? Should you let others and societal norms dictate how you spend your last years . If you did decide to go to school at this age what would be the issues that you would consider ?.
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@suzzy3 (8357)
10 Dec 08
I think a short course might be better than any thing you would take to long to finish. Only joking,I am not to sure it would suit me if I had not learn't it by that time I would not bother about it.They do say that if you keep your mind going you last longer.I would want to learn by travelling and seeing the world not sitting in a classroom somewhere.Each to thier own.
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@misspipsi (237)
• Bulgaria
11 Dec 08
Why not?I mean there is probably easier ways to learn something new..but being different is part of life.I would go back to school at the age of 70-if I`m bored enaught...
• India
11 Dec 08
yeha why not? i mean if u wanna learn then u ahve to go to the school! i mean learnin is not that easy! but why not? if u have the guts n if u have the motivation! then u shud go to school when ever u want happy lottin n have a nice day!
@j47lee (742)
• Canada
10 Dec 08
There is no age barrier for studies.. the more u study the more knowledgable u get.. its good to learn more.. i wouldnt mind learning new things.. but i hate the exams....
@thukio16 (254)
• Philippines
10 Dec 08
Hi there! I thinks this' a little bit weird, i never seen my self going to scholl at 70 huh. but if given a chance, why not... as long as i can. have a nice day!]