A shining star of hope, the first Christmas without Mom

United States
December 10, 2008 9:40am CST
I was wondering if anyone else is dealing with the holidays for the first time this year without a parent. I lost my Mom this year and it has been very hard this holiday season. But, I keep my chin up because that it what she would want. She had the best smile and laugh. As a tribute to her, I wrote this poem that I would like to share with all of you. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. This will be the first Christmas without Mom It won't be the same, not like for some. Memories of past years in my heart with a lock Especially hearing you sing Jingle Bell Rock. Dancin round the kitchen beaming smile a like It was like getting, all over, that brand new bike. The holidays without you is not so merry It's like having a sundae without a cherry. As I have for the past nine months I pray to the heavens a whole bunch, That when the wind blows through the trees And it creates that warming breeze, I look to the heaven's to wish on a star And there you are in my heart, you are not far. You'll always be with me although you're not here You are in my heart, my shining star, forever dear. Written by: Tricia Melzard 12/10/2008
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15 Dec 08
hiya, tmelzard i lost my mum in june, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer on my birthday, we nursed her for 5 weeks my 2 sisters and i, until she passed away, like you this will be our first xmas without her, and already i'm so emotional, my room is bear of decorations, just a minimum for my daighters sake, mum loved xmas was a child at heart, putting lights outside all over her garden,each day is getting harder, but like you i believe she and your mum will be watching down on us and willing us to be strong and think of the happy memories we have shared over the years, it's nice to share the loss of your mum ,with someone else who's going through the same thing....... it changes your life when you lose your mum, everyone out there who has one cherish her while you still can... once she's gone your left with a big hole in you heart that can never be filled...........