Starting to think Ignorance is infectious...

December 10, 2008 2:26pm CST
Well...I've been trying to quit smoking for QUITE some time now, and usually always failed. But now this is currently my 7th day going strong without a cigarette, patch, or the medication that is now out to help you quit. My method? Don't talk about it, don't even mention to people you are trying to quit, because all of a sudden, all those "concerned people" (Whom I just HOPE they don't realize how much they are screwing it up) ask you almost every day how the quitting is going. My mistake? Mentioning it to an older lady that works in the same building as me, who all of a sudden, asks me everyday, and is also filled with suggestions and stories about her quitting and other methods that her friends tried, and what her "doctor" told her about quitting, with helpful tips.(I put doctor in quotes because something tells me it wasn't her doctor) What did she tell me? She said, "Oh well I find whenever I was trying to quit, I had to give up coffee too because my doctor told me that caffeine and nicotine goes hand in hand, and you need to quit both. Whenever I had a cup of coffee, I was just CRAVING a cigarette." My response, in my head? SCREW YOU! I love coffee too much! I love the taste, the smell, the mellow taste of my columbian, which is my favorite. And WHY would I place my body in even FURTHER stress by giving something else up? And another possibility as to WHY she was craving a cigarette while having a coffee? Probably because at that time, it was perfectly acceptable (at the time) to smoke while drinking the coffee, so it was probably out of habit for her. So, I'm sorry if her actual doctor told her this, but maybe he was talking about how caffeine is also addictive. But she is also a rather ignorant woman, unfortunately. And she also makes me late for my bus, which means I have to wait outside for another 15-20 minutes for the next bus. Did I mention to her that I'm a public transit person? Yes. Did that stop her from getting into BIG conversations with me at the end of my shift? HECK NO! When my shift is over, I'm out the door to get HOME. I don't have time to CONSTANTLY explain to her that I have to go. Yet I still can't stop being nice to her. Anyone else have "Ignorant" stories? Stories of people that you just wanted to RING their little (or big) necks until they stopped talking?
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10 Dec 08
I guess this would be a good chance to vent. I used to be on facebook, but I just deleted my account yesterday because my ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend has been sending me some really messed up messages that I haven't even really read but I get the gist of them from glancing through. She keeps saying stuff that she doesn't know with false information and I was pretty much upset that I was going to reply in turn but I just let it go. Now she's harassing one of the other friends that I have on facebook saying that I'm trying to break him and and his girlfriend. The funny part about it is that it's my brother but she doesn't seem to know that. I just can't wait for my brother to notice and put her on blast since I'm not saying anything. Ok, I vented.
• Canada
12 Jan 09
I'm sorry, but I don't understand fully, the ex girlfriend of your ex boyfriend is now dating your brother and she doesn't KNOW it? If that is the case, oh my goodness what's wrong with her? But good for you! sometimes it IS a lot better to just ignore the person and to let it go, even though it may not be so easy. Also sounds like this little girl that's bothering is just SCREAMING to be heard from you, and is starting to get a little testy that you're ignoring her. Kill her with kindness, my usual method, makes them go crazy quicker.