How can i make my flashdisk be recognized in both Windows and Linux O.S.?

December 10, 2008 2:53pm CST
My 2G flashdisk was working well under Windows OS, until I used it on a computer with the Linux [xandros] O.S. Now, when i try to retrieve files from my flashdisk using Windows, the computer will give an error message that my flashdisk is not formatted, and thus, cant be opened. I can't reformat my flashdisk since I have important files in it. However, when I check the contents of my flashdisk using another PC with Linux, i can view my files. Can anyone help me make my flashdisk be able to be read by both Linux and Windows? Is there a way for me to seamlessly use my flashdisk in Linux and Windows OS? thanks.
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@oadgmd (102)
• Philippines
29 Dec 08
If your thumb drive works with Linux then open your flash drive in ilnux then copy the files there temporarily. After which format your thumbdrive in linux using GPARTED but format it in FAT. then copy the files back into the thumbdrive. The partition type created by gparted is accessible to windows. I also dont know what happened with your thumbdrive. Its unusualy for linux to play with the partition unless you pressed something.
• India
12 Dec 08
I have often got the message when using other peoples drive on my computer. But i have found that if you select cancel. you can still use the drive in windows. check you flashdisk for virus. Copy the important files to the HD then format it in windows once
• Philippines
10 Dec 08
i dont think its the thumbdrive, but anyway i don't have any solution for you. you can do a trial and error tho. try getting all your data out of the thumbdrive using a linux os. then store it on another thumbdrive. plug it in the windows xp pc then see if it has the same result. if it does then its not your thumbdrive.