Could you wait nine months

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December 10, 2008 6:12pm CST
to find out what gender your baby is? I think I could. It adds a little something to the whole experience. And I know if and when that day comes for me...I would not want to spoil it by finding out for my own reasons. Because everyone says it helps prepare for the baby financially...but there are ways around it. Tell people not to be color specific at showers when giving, girls can wear it does not always have to be yellow. And all of the baby gear does not have to match the baby's gender. And onesis and diapers are not gender specific really what reasons are there for having to know other than your own desire to know. Even the nursery's can be designed around both genders before the baby is born...and as for names? Pick two. So did you find out what you were having beforehand? And why? or Are you glad you waited to find out?
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11 Dec 08
We couldn't have waited to know because my wife is a labor and delivery nurse. After she started to show all the girls tackled her and sonogrammed her belly to find out what we were having. It was a boy the first time. Then when we were pregnant with joy #2 she did the same thing and called me from work one night to tell me we were having a girl. We did have a couple that decided they didn't want to know but it was hard because we couldn't talk about the baby at all. It was kinda weird.