Riddex!........I need some input/advice please

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December 10, 2008 8:18pm CST
Has anyone seen those TV commercials about Riddex pest repeller? Supposedly how it works is you get this little device which you can plug into any electrical outlet in your home and it is supposed to transform the wiring in your house into this ultimate pest repeller or something like that. It supposedly works to keep your home free of mice, rats, ants, roaches, etc. and one unit is supposed to keep one story of a house pest free. Does anyone know what I am talking about? More importantly, has anyone ever purchased this Riddex thing and tried it? Can anyone tell me if it really works? I know a lot of those things seen advertised on TV do not work nearly as well as claimed, if at all, but I was wondering if by any chance this Riddex thing actually works. You see I am desperate. We have a real bad roach problem. We keep our place very clean but no matter what we do, we can't get rid of the roaches. The primary problem is that we live in an apartment complex and all of our neighbors have roaches too, so of course even if we do get rid of them, they just come right back! I was thinking if this Riddex thing actually works as well as advertised, maybe we could get two of them. Plug one in at one end of our apartment and the other in at the other end and maybe that would keep the roaches out of the level of the building that we are in, or out of our apartment anyway, or at least keep the population down?....Sigh, I don't know. Probably wishful thinking... So does anyone know about Riddex? Have you used it? (p.s. Please don't reply with advice on average roach remedies, etc. We know them, we've tried them, as I said, the main problem is that we are living in an apartment complex and all the apartments have roaches, making normal roach remedies useless.)
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29 Mar 09
It does not work at all!!!! I bought two, one for each story of our house. Before we only had the occasional roach and spiders. I hate bugs by the way. I have had it in my house, one plugged in on each floor, now for about a month. Well lets just say that I am currently sitting on top of our living room table with a can of bug spray in hand while my husband is trying to vacuum up the swarming flying insects that are crawling out of one of the wall sockets in our living room (we think it might be termites). Plus even while using it we still saw the occasional roach and spider.