HELP! Dry skin...

@manixxx (116)
December 11, 2008 1:28am CST
This is my first time to live in a 4-seasons country, (e.g. Japan) and now, it is winter here already. at first, i was having rashes on my skin. but then, eventually, it already itches. and whenever i scratch it, more and more rashes appear. and i like to scratch it because it itches a lot! there would a time, i have already itchy marks on my skin. i shared this with my officemate and they said that i have a dry skin. What should i do in order to make this go away? Wht to do if you have dry skin? hope you can help me, thanks in advance...
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• India
11 Dec 08
First of all don’t scratch…everytime you are scratching your skin you are irritating it further and the more irritated the skin is the more you feel like scratching it. Your skin is inflamed so its become all red with rashes. You should use a very mild natural face wash to keep you face clean, do not use soap. After that you must moisturize your skin, again with a good quality herbal moisturizer. Almond oil is very good to nourish the skin. If you get pure almond oil, you can just run a little on your skin.
@savak03 (6676)
• United States
11 Dec 08
Try baby oil. Put it on before you get out of the shower while you're still wet. It helps your skin retain the moisture. This really works. I have the same problem in the winter so I always do this.
• Philippines
11 Dec 08
hi manixxx, first you have to consult your dermatologist first, for they are the person who can give you medicines, or treatments if needed, if they said you have a dry skin maybe you need to apply lotion everyday, especially if its winter there, you really need a moisturizer, or a lotion to avoid dry skin...hope this helps.. :)