Secret Revealed! : How do PTC Sites Make Money?

December 11, 2008 2:09am CST
Hello people, Im Sure a lot of you have heard or even tried PTC Sites, if you are wondering what a PTC site is, im sue you have heard of,Bux3, and so on and be tempted to try those. Here is the Secret. Have you wondered how most of them have alertpay and not paypal? We all know how good paypal is but why wont they offer to pay by them? True? Have you often seen they offer to register an alertpay account at the registration if you dont have an account? True? Did you know you get paid 5$ for every referral at alertpay? actually now it is 10$ yup, you got it right! thats how they make the money by offering chump change! Imagine now : states you click 10 ads perday and get 0.10 -- your alertpay referral gave them $10 20 referral Click 10 ads per day $2.00 -- 20X$10 == $200(omg!) cant believe it? Proof : Goto Register Page Click on alert pay register now look at the Referrer! now you wonder how so many of these site dont pay you? duh!
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