once a year contact

@savypat (20246)
United States
December 11, 2008 5:58pm CST
Do you have friends that you only contact once a year? What do you say to them? I usually make up a short letter about the highlights of our year and send that. Do you like getting those?
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@smilyn (2964)
• United States
12 Dec 08
I do have few friends whom I contact once in a year. It can be either on their birthdays or during the holiday season of Christmas and NewYear. We just share the events that took place in the year. I prefer to call them and talk personally with them at that times.
• India
12 Dec 08
I am not that good keeping touch with people. I do dash off emails once in a while. :) But I have never sent "annual reports" to anyone. ;) Christmas and New Year cards yes, but not personal mails. Cheers and happy mylotting
@Opal26 (17690)
• United States
12 Dec 08
Hi pat! That is a really nice idea! I have a few friends that I don't hear from that often and that is a lovely idea! I still send out regular Christmas Cards. There's just some things that are still better done the old fashioned way! I only send them to a few friends that are out of state and that I don't get to see so I like to add that personal touch at least! I like your idea about including a short letter! If you don't mind, I think I might "borrow" your idea! And thank you! I think they will appreciate it!
@Sheldon25 (193)
• Jamaica
12 Dec 08
Hello, I do have a friend i call once every year we were friends throughout high school. Its been about 10 years since high school. After we graduate i call her on her birthday every year never miss a year. Its become apart of me and i do enjoy doing it.