How has the current economy helped you remain healthy?

@taface412 (3176)
United States
December 11, 2008 8:32pm CST
This may sound like a stupid question but it can make you healthy in two respects. Healthy as in your physical health or as in your fiscal health. Physically I notice I purchase food items that I have to prepare myself so I know what exactly in going into my food, I make healthier choices based also upon price comparison and remaining within portion limits of meals. Fiscally I have noticd that I can remain on a basic alloted food budget amount to cover these expenses vastly saving me money because I buy less prepared foods and I hav become a savvy shopper. It used to be my friends made fun of me because I used coupons and rebates, now not so much. In fact, starting Jauary I am going to begin tracking my savings using my techniques. So what doyou think? And try to look at the postive of the economy in terms of your health and budgeting.
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• United States
12 Dec 08
It hasn't really effected me, I don't do anything different than I used to.
@sunny0806 (248)
• China
12 Dec 08
Yes,many people have changed their concept under financial crisis. It seems that many many people affected by this crisis. But why a few people take part in my dicussion. I'll tell another thing which is good for us all-Stop driving a car and go to work by bike. Firstly, we can save much money on gas and car repairing and other cost. Secondly, we can do something for a good air. And thirdly, we can do more exercise by bike and save money cost in gymnasium. Haha. When we look at the same thing from another way it will be whole different.