What would you do??

@j47lee (742)
December 12, 2008 12:26am CST
What would you do if you saw a robber coming out of a bank after robbing the bank.. and u hear ppl shouting for help inside.... Yesterday, there was a robbery a few blocks away from my house... a man was walking outside the bank.. and hears ppl screaming for help... and a man walking out with bags filled with loot and some even falling on the floor.. so without thinking he jumps on the guy..... and wen the guy is on teh floor he realises the robber has a long carving knife .... so.. he gets scared and doesnt get off the guy..... crushes him with his weight (he's a big guy)...... and at last the police comes and rescues him..... he' gonna be awarded a medal for bravery.... But seriously thinking... if he had noticed the knife.. i bet he wouldnt have done anything.. but then he was brave enough to tackle him..... three cheers to him... :)
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12 Dec 08
That's a pretty good story. I really don't think I'd jump on the robber. If I did see the robber leave I would like to believe I would go in to help the people if they were yelling for help. But in reality, I would most likely stand there in shock. If I had a camera, or camcorder I'd probably take a video and pictures and try to sell it to the media or use it to help identify the robber.